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Creation and Design App / Process Automation solutions

A multiplier effect

Process Automation

Creation and design Solutions and App 

Increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure results

Why to automate processes...


Are you a Public Administration or a Company ?…

Are you an Association or a Trade Union ?…

Do you need to increase your responsiveness ?…

Be up to date with changes in policies or regulations ?..

Adapt your availabilite of resources ?

May the information reach those who realy need it ?…

To synchronize all areas or departments ?

To ensure results?… and reduce costs ?…

Multiple levels of authorization and digital signatures ?

Digital certificates..

Access to certified digital and historical files ?

Ensure compliance with regulations?…

Activity Continuity Plan… Crisis Management…

An effective «Management Control» system

Accelerate your digital transformation?…


Start now your Process Automation model

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Make the complex simple

Optimize resources availables in your Organization focusing on Process Automation to ensure objectives and results

Automating processes

Management based on iBPM


Getting started

With the Balanced Scorecard Assessment (BSA), with an analysis framework, you will get a complete map of tools, processes and improvement axes to begin automating processes.

BPM, business process management

New processes

Update the Marketing-Sales and Purchases-Production processes, directing them towards results. iBPM systems are simple, with clear benefits, that teams can run quickly. With application in both digital and traditional channels.

coaching, change management

Coaching. Change management

In just a few hours, teams will receive the benefits and accept the changes. It will increase the motivation and, with it, the results.

New methods + training + coaching + motivation = higuer productivity

Marketing and Sales Processes

It’s time to enhance your sales, attract new customers and grow in competitiveness, productivity and brand awareness
databases, lead generation

Databases & Lead Generation

Data profiling. Do not lose any Lead from your Expos or Congresses. How to integrate internal and external databases without losing control?..

Outsource routine tasks that take time away from your teams and allow them to focus on their key tasks.


More power in your CRM?

Boost your current CRM with new features. More precise information “on time” for your marketing and sales teams. Greater efficiency and better results in less time.

Or you start with a new CRM. Why not?

marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Automate the management of contacts and accelerate the conversion of Leads into the sales funnel with Marketing Automation. A strategy based in systems and workflows to align Marketing and Sales and to not lose any Lead.

Digital transformation

Processes, systems and iBPM platforms, the beginning of a solid and effective digital transformation

digital transformation

If you want to achieve a customer-oriented digital transformation, tailored to your company, that is efficient and that lasts throughout time, you will need updated, agile and well-defined processes according to the new demands and challenges posed to your business.

The new iBPM, Intelligent Business Process Management, local implementation or Cloud platforms allow you to accelerate the path to the digital transformation with affordable costs for businesses of any size.

The modularity of the new iBPM solutions makes the digital transformation of your organization possible as planned and in stages.

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Why digital transformation?..

The 6 key reasons to get started on the road towards the digital transformation of your organization

Your sales force productivity

65% of your sales representatives’ time is not dedicated to selling.

Finding the appropriate information or to comply with complex processes wastes time in the commercial network, with representatives, agents, regional branches, partners…

Simple and efficient processes

Have you often wondered if your teams really know the business processes of your company?

Are the processes really oriented to serving the customer? And to serving the commercial and sales agents?

Are the sales and marketing, management and production teams actually aligned with the          « Company’s objectives for this year » ?…


Information for those who need it

Does the necessary information reach true stakeholders in time?

The Customer’s decision to purchase is distributed between 5 and 7 people, from purchasing, engineering, administration and finance or sales. And some 3 to 4 additional people within your company. How do you get the information of interest to everyone, when they need it?


Mobility, a new challenge that is necessary to dominate and control. Teams need to work where and when the business requires, as well as balancing work and personal life.

A digital integration based on iBPM will provide your teams with information and resources they need wherever they are.


Control systems

iBPM systems and platforms integrate automated control tools of all critical areas of the business: Costs, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, Suppliers and Employees, allowing to identify the axes of improvement right when you need them, thus reducing waste and time in decision-making.


Distance yourself from competitors by gaining speed in decision making.

Having the information you need at the right time will allow you to make informed decisions. You will gain safety and will decrease the uncertainty of the business. Take advantage to your competitors.

« The Digital transformation, will generate risks and opportunities within the competition, for those companies that succeed or fail to make good use of the capabilities provided by iBPM systems »

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