Creation & Design of Process Automation Solutions

Creation of Apps based on BPM, Blockchain and AI

About us

An App / Process Automation creation team

intelligent Process Management solutions

Action Partners

Specialists in improving and automating management processes.

We bring together people and organizations of different sizes and sectors, with the aim of creating process automation solutions and App based on BPM, Blockchain and AI technologies, which improve the developing of organizations and the quality of life of people.

Action Partners was founded in Spain in 2012. It is currently based in France.

« Towards a solid and effective digital transformation »

« Currently evolving towards a cooperative model as a means for the creation and equitable development of the new solutions for the futur … »

Creation, design and implementation of App for Process Automation

Integration of solutions and platforms ERPs, CRMs, GMAOs, iBPM


« Objective: Optimize the resources available in organizations, focusing on processes to reduce costs, ensure increasing improvements in results and contribute to improving people’s quality of life »

«simplifying the complex»

Action Partners, professionals and organizations associated

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