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Design and implementation of new processes

Cost efficiency and increased competitiveness

SaaS or IaaS solutions

How to achieve better results and reducing costs in all your organization.
Ways to address process automation in an organization

Process-based management

System integration and platforms

We work together with our Client, and with each of their collaborators, Partners, Distributors, Salespeople and Commercial Agents, Managers, Employees… in order to inform, train, convince and integrate a «Process-Based Administration strategy» for business management and sales.

Implementation and integration of iBPM (intelligent Business Process Management) systems and platforms, Marketing Automation, Cloud CRMs, Geomarketing systems and sales & marketing balanced scorecards for our Client and all their sales channel.

Mobility Solutions: Management of Processes and Decisions in Mobility «How to manage processes and decisions without stopping»


system integration, BPM, CRM

And, above all: «We make the difficult easy»

We are Action Partners, your partners in Action

business consultancy

Process design. Consultancy

Analysis, identification of improvement axes, design and implementation of processes and methods. Process and procedures manuals.

We work side by side with our Clients to define new processes and business management systems, to apply Cloud and iBPM technologies in the business, and implement them on throughout the organization and sales channels, suppliers, partners, distributors …

We help our Clients to dynamize their commercial department by applying best practices in sales management and marketing, with the aim of achieving high performance in their internal and external commercial structures with consulting services to all its distribution channel.


Distribution Channel Management

A game of intelligence?..

In an environment of high competition, it is increasingly more complex to manage distribution channels, maintaining fluid contact with ALL members of the network, influencers, sales people, distributors, prescribers, agents, or partners, getting the information of your interest, custom and just when you need it, or often as needed over time.

« That is, all the people who manage customer relationships day by day , creating brand value and generating revenue for the company »

New technologies based on automated methods and processes make it possible for businesses of any size.  Contact us ⟩⟩

distribution, sales channel
aura portal, sales force, dynamics, oracle marketing cloud, marketo, datacrush, cage crm

Marketing Automation

We help you to perform your Marketing Automation strategy. Our certified Marketing Automation experts will bring you their knowledge to improve your Marketing results using the latest marketing processes and methods.

– Marketing Automation
– Inbound Marketing
– Digital Marketing
– Lead Nurturing

In order to provide you the best support quality, we work with the main market players like Marketo, DataCrush, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Aura Portal,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,….

Lead Management & Data Bases

Motivate your Sales Force with new opportunities

Telephone follow-up, digital media, and sending information on time, contribute to speeding up customer’s purchase decision process. Refer to our Lead Nurturing methods.

Participation in trade shows, Conferences and Expos implies significant investment. To achieve results and to recover the investment, it is necessary to manage contacts in a planned way over time.

Managing internal and external Databases for outbound actions with hundreds of potential customers, by multiplying the sales opportunities in all its Channel of Distribution, requires specialization.

Outsourcing routine tasks which take time from their teams and allows them to focus on their key tasks. Contact us ⟩⟩

lead management, data bases


Sales actions based on geographic micro-segmentation

Decision-making based on market information by geographical areas. Locating customers, retail outlets, branches or competition in a digital map will allow you to analyze the current or potential situation of your business and its products and may determine the «share» or a percentage of participation of market reached in each geographical area.

You can identify customers and non-customers in each area. Rating the effort that would represent growing 2% in an area where your company has already a market share of 60%, in comparison to other area where you still do not exceed 10% of market share. Determining the cost/effort required in one area compared to another area.

Supporting your Distribution Channel with Geomarketing techniques.

Make the complex simple

        Optimize the resources availables in your organization.       Focus on processes, automation and costs-reducing to ensure increasing improvements in results


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