The BPM solutions

Design and implementation of new processes

For companies of any size

Sector solutions

Services, Industry and Public Administrations

Internal and external databases

Where and how to obtain external databases. How to manage internal and external databases without losing control.

In 3 months and with only 12 hours of your teams’ dedication, while maintaining complete control of your information within your company. Three month, € 300/month.

Internal and external call centers

Processes to manage an internal call center without losing contacts. When to turn to an external call center? Whom to choose? How to manage it? Costs and ROI.

In 2 months, your teams can manage it without having to take time away from their key tasks.

Who is missing in your Channel?…

We help you build a complete map of the Channel. Wholesalers, Distributors, Agents, Retailers, Prescribers, Opinion leaders.

Know where they are and keep fluid contact with all members of the Channel. Motivate your channel with new Customers and Opportunities.

Do you need to integrate channels?…

Do the new digital channels clash with traditional channels?. Do you need to redefine processes and achieve a real integration?. Do you need to reduce losses of information and the time of your teams need to discover errors, duplications or false opportunities?

New processes

Update the Marketing-Sales and Purchases-Production processes, directing them towards results. iBPM systems are simple, with clear benefits, that teams can run quickly. With application both in digital and traditional channels. Contact us 〉〉

Processes automation

Automate Purchasing-Production and Marketing-Sales processes. Improve care of customers and sales channels, and accelerate Leads conversions into the sales funnel. A strategy based in systems and workflows to align Marketing and Sales and to not lose any Lead.

Business delegations

Do you have Agents or Branches in Spain?

Speed up the management of your business representatives with new, on-time turnkey tools, systems, processes and information.

Enhance your praticipation in

trade shows and exhibitions

Tracking visitors, contact management, continuous distribution of multilingual information «Lead Nurturing». Processes that stimulate the distribution channel.

There is a «before and after» of an Expo or Event.

Management and sales processes

For Companies of any size, in only three months from €300 per month, without devoting hundreds of hours of your team’s time. Count on Action Partners and allow your teams to focus on their key tasks.                                            Digital transformation within your reach.

« The Digital Transformation will generate risks and opportunities within the competition, for those companies that succeed or fail to make  good use of the capabilities provided by iBPM systems »

Make the complex simple

Optimize the resources available to your organization. Focus on processes, reducing costs and automation to ensure increasing improvements in results


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